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The Super3: Information Skills for Young Learners


Here are all the Big6 and Super3 books currently in print and available.

The Super3: Information Skills for Young Learners

Super3 Book.jpg
Super3 Book.jpg

The Super3: Information Skills for Young Learners


Help younger students become critical thinkers and problem-solvers across all curriculum areas! Use the Super3, a spin off from the widely used Big6, to help students in grades Pre-K-2 develop crucial problem-solving skills. Learn how to break down the problem-solving process so that younger students "get it" and remember it. The Super3 provides a "process model" for children to learn and use in order to be successful with the various tasks they undertake. Ready-to-use worksheets include explanations for daily implementation of the Super3 into the classroom. This is a must-have guide for instructors wanting to teach younger students the research process.

Mike Eisenberg and Laura Robinson have adapted the widely used Big6 approach for students in grades PreK-2 by creating the Super3. Younger students can become better thinkers and problem-solvers by using the three simple steps: Plan, Do, Review. This guide breaks down the problem-solving process so that not only do the students recognize what they are doing, but they are also able to label and talk about it.

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